Oh, hi! Jesus, don’t creep up on me like that.

This is my travel blog. I’ve been adding to it whenever I’m not drunk or hungover or both for a while now. I’m rather fond of it. Admittedly, if I had it my way, it would not be published in blog form at all, but instead a vast grimoire adorned with sinister runes from ancient cultures lost to the ravages of time. Unfortunately, however, my macabre reading stand is in for repairs, and I’ve run out of blood to dip my quill in. So you’re stuck reading this. Sorry.

What you can expect to find within this blog, unless something has gone horribly wrong (and it may well have), are multiple articles detailing various excursions around the world which I have been lucky enough to undertake.

Hmm. Actually, lucky might not be the word. It is true that within these webpages you will find stories of strange lands, outlandish characters, and awe inspiring beauty. It is also true that you will find a plethora of examples of the ritual humiliations that pepper my existence; rage induced sweeping generalisations of entire populations; and reams of evidence that points to my survival until this moment being down to nothing more than disgusting amounts of luck.

Again, I apologise in advance.